Career Strategy

4/20/2021, By Adrian Choo

Dear Adrian,

I'm considering a Career Switch...How do I go about doing it?

- Chris

Hey Chris,

Career Switches are not easy, you need a #CareerStråtegy.

1. Have you uncovered your real reasons why you want a career switch? It's risky for mid-career executives. Is it your only move, or could you be happier joining a competitor instead?

2. You need to decide if you're switching ROLE and/or INDUSTRY. Each move requires a different strategy.

3. Do you have the necessary skills/knowledge to make the pivot to the new place? What are the top 3 things that would make you successful there?

4. Are you prepared to FAIL? 70% of Career Switchers revert to their previous jobs within 18 mths. Do you have a Plan B?

5. Do you know how to reduce that risk of Failure? Easy... Have a Mentor in the space you want to get into... Or engage a seasoned Career Strategist who specializes in mid-career switches. We are here to help you take the leap!

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