Exit Management

Exit Management Simplified

In these difficult times, companies have to make difficult decisions and downsizing is often an unavoidable option.

This can be a tedious exercise that requires very specific expertise to ensure fair and respectful treatment of your staff and minimise potential risks to your company.

Career Agility International has been helping their clients to manage their retrenchment exercises, from small-scale ones to those in multiple countries. Do find out how we can help your team during this difficult time.

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Exit Management Planning

To ensure a smooth and uneventful retrenchment exercise, everything has to be planned in advance. If it is your first major exercises, there are many unseen risks to navigate, from messaging to logistics to post-event management - let the Experts in Exit Management help you ensure that your company is compliant with Singapore practices and avoid unnecessary repercussions.

Manager Notification Training

A recent study showed that 42% of retrenched employees complained that their communications was conducted badly. Many felt hurt and disrespected and went directly on Social Media to express their unhappiness whilst others reported it to their Unions, leading to negative consequences for the company.

Let our Team of experienced consultants train your Notifying Managers on how to deliver the message with compassion, avoiding the common pitfalls and minimising the risks to your company.

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Losing your job is one of the most difficult life experiences ever, more so in this challenging C19 economy. Give your exiting employees as much support as possible by providing them a personal career coach who can make their journey less stressful.

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