The Interview Masterclass
It’s Hiring Season - are you ready for the Interviews ahead?
If you're a Senior Executive, you've probably conducted more interviews than being interviewed yourself. Are you uncomfortable being in the other chair?

Who is this for?

  • Job hunters who have been interviewing repeatedly but are unable to land the job
  • Executives who want to improve their Interview Skills
  • Experienced Leaders who understand that senior roles are rare and want to make each opportunity count

Web Studio
Web Studio

Do you know how to

  • Position yourself correctly?
  • Get your Interviewer excited about you?
  • Distinguish yourself from the other candidates?
  • Make your Killer Pitch?
  • Negotiate for Higher Salary?

You will learn

  • 5 Secrets to Banish Interview Stress
  • “How to Wow’ the Interviewer
  • 5 Ways to CRUSH the Competition
  • The Magic Solution to Impossible Questions
  • The 3 Killer Questions to ask the Interviewer
  • The Art of Closing the Deal
  • Upscaling your Salary Package

Web Studio
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Masterclass Fee:

S$768.00 for half-day Zoominar Masterclass conducted by our Master Coach.

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