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What do you say when your Headhunter asks you for your exact salary details? 

Do you give him the base, the total, or should you include the benefits?

It can get complicated and could give rise to confusion and wrong information being submitted.

Try our Salary Calculator and ‘cut and paste’ the results without fear of any miscommunications!

How This Salary Tool Can Help

  • Provide you a salary table to show your headhunter
  • Never leave out crucial salary details
  • Easy ‘cut & paste’ function to send exact data to the Recruiter 
  • Calculate what your future career is worth to you today!

Generate your own customised salary report

Frequently Asked Questions

It helps you to articulate your total salary in a way that your headhunter/recruiter can understand. 

Yes. Just key in your desired % increment and it will automatically calculate your ‘Asking Salary’. 

No personally identifiable information is collected. Here’s our Privacy Policy.

Yes! This is one of the Value-added Services that we provide.

Yes you can! Just click the box to collect the data and paste to the email that you are about to send off to the HR Manager. 

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