Learn The Secrets of CareerMastery™

Are you an Aspiring Mid-career executive who is facing increased competition, market disruptions or office politics at work?

Didn’t you wish they taught you how to navigate all these challenges back in school?

Well, we will show you how!

The Experts at Career Agility International have put together a comprehensive CareerMastery™ Program to help you thrive during these trying times and get that promotion you so rightly deserve.

We have built the perfect platform to provide you the awareness, direct access to useful networks and Career Mentors to journey.

At this exclusive 8-month personalised online Program, we will share the Proven Secrets That Will Get You Promoted! 

You will learn the following Strategies:

  • Increasing Your Visibilty to Senior Management
  • Strategies for getting Promoted in 2024!
  • Managing Challenging Stakeholders
  • Developing An Anti-Fragile Career
  • Building Your Career Currencies
  • Strategies for getting a Raise
  • Achieving Career Success AND Life-Work Balance 
 The interactive sessions are conducted over Zoom in the evenings and you will be able to network with experts in various fields.

Participants will enjoy the following:

  • 8-month Exclusive Team Coaching with a small group of participants.
  • 12 Evening Seminars and Small-group Executive Coaching Sessions (topics below)
  • 2 Networking Power Lunches
  • Access to all seminar recordings
  • 6-month unlimited WhatsApp/phone call Access to Career Mentors
  • 1-year unlimited access to our CAI Digital Coaching Programmes
  • 1-year subscription to CAI Inner Circle Premium Group
  • Online Career Assessment Tool (worth $49.90)
  • Access to our GetHiredFaster Online Course (worth $199)


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Unlock The Secrets of Career Success! 

Frequently Asked Questions

This is an online Program with live workshops held every 2-3 weeks on Thursday evenings (730pm to 9pm) via Zoom. There will be physical meet-ups during the Power Lunches.

Workshop 1: Your 40-year Career Voyage  

Workshop 2: Get Promoted and Get Ahead  

Workshop 3: Choosing to Be Happy at Work 

Workshop 4: Projecting Your Sphere of Effectiveness 

Workshop 5: Developing an Anti-Fragile Career 

Workshop 6: Maximising Your Reach 

Workshop 7: Personality Profiling & Communication Styles 

Workshop 8: Influencing without Authority 

Workshop 9: Understanding and Leveraging Workplace Dynamics   

Workshop 10: Developing Your Executive Presence 

Workshop 11: Get That Raise!  

Workshop 12: Theory of Everything 

To keep the sessions personal, we have capped the cohort to a maximum size of 10 participants.

We’ve had 4 previous intakes and no-one has given such feedback. In fact, they felt that the learning and sharing energised them in the evening and was very enjoyable. 

Most sessions will be recorded, so you can rewatch it on your own time. Alternatively, you can apply to sit in for the next cohort’s workshop of the same topic!