Let us Help you with Your Career

Sometimes, All You Need Is Some Good Old-fashioned Advice.

Every once in a while, it is good to speak with an expert. Sure, friends are great to chat with, but are they trained and experienced to give you the right advice?

At Career Agility International, we have a team of very experienced Career Mentors whom you can share your biggest career challenges with. They have been specially hand-picked based on their expertise in Career Coaching, experience in the corporate world, and their compassion for helping executives like yourself through this emotional process.

Our rates are reasonable, so talk to us first and we will see if you really need a private one-on-one session or whether having a quick chat might clear up your perspectives.

Adrian Choo

Our Process

Let’s deep dive to uncover your most pressing career challenges and needs.

Using data-driven methods, we get to the root causes of your career blindspots.

Pairing your information with our knowledge, we create a customised plan for you.

Together, we journey forward. With our ongoing support, you will succeed.

Be a part of our fast-growing community of like-minded professionals.

About Our CareerPartner™ Program

Who This is For

- If you’re wondering, “What’s Next in my Career?”
- If you’re thinking of making a mid-Career Switch
- If you want to get promoted
- If you simply aren’t happy at work and want to know why

What You Will get

- One-on-one coaching sessions
- Highly customised Partnership
- Individualised Career Strategy™ Development
- Bespoke JobSearch Strategy Design

Meet Your Master Coaches

Adrian & Yen

At CareerAgility International, our Coaching Programs come with not just one Coach, but TWO Veteran Coaches.
Our Unique methodology ensures you get great advice and alternative viewpoints on your specific career situation.
Together, Adrian and Yen have coached CEOs, VPs and many senior leaders around the world. They will share their wealth of wisdom so that you can benefit directly from it.
Friendly and passionate, they are committed to helping you.