The Great Career Paradox (When Pursuing Career Success May Not Lead To Career Happiness)



Why are some people with highly successful careers… still unhappy in life?

At the pinnacle of their careers and lauded by many for their achievements, they struggle to find joy in the work they do. To fill this void, they drive their careers even harder, only to feel more isolated and frustrated.

Therein lies The Great Career Paradox of our time – that contrary to popular belief, Career Success does not always create Happiness, and might even have an opposite effect!

This lack of Career Fulfilment is a key driving force fueling the mass exodus of staff in many organisations today.

How can individuals achieve Career Happiness? What can employers do to engage their teams to improve retention?

Having coached thousands of Executives, Authors Adrian and Yen were piqued by this Paradox and combined their experiences in Headhunting, Consulting and Coaching to unlock the Secrets to Career Happiness.

In-depth interviews and massive surveys were conducted with Business Leaders and Executives and they created a new Career Framework based on Career Strategy™ and Career Agility™.

Correctly executed, these concepts will help you navigate your life journey and ultimately achieve meaningful Career Success.


About The Authors:

Adrian Choo is the CEO/Founder of Career Agility International and is a Thought Leader in the Career Coaching Industry. Formerly from Shell, GE Plastics and with more than a decade in C-Suite Headhunting, he is a sought-after Career Advisor to Senior Leaders and can be heard on National Radio OneFM913 every Thursday morning.

Sze-Yen Chee is the Executive Director/Co-founder of Career Agility International and is Singapore’s top Career Coach. A published author with more than 2 decades of Career Advisory experience, she has coached over 3000+ individuals in various industries and helped them lead happier and more successful careers. She can be heard giving great career advice every Friday morning on Linkedin Live on the “CareerSuccess Show”.

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